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Matrix® PCB Refurbishment Center

MATRIX® PCB Refurbishment Center offers a revolutionary PC Boards refurbishing service for semiconductor FOL machines. These include die bonders, wire bonders and die saw machines. By adopting best practices, we strive to help you save costs and improve machines’ uptime.

The Center’s refurbishment process is divided into 3 phases comprising 7 stages with individual technicians specializing in each repair stage. This minimizes unnecessary movement while maximizing productivity and expertise.

How You Benefit:  
Guaranteed Delivery Time
With this guarantee, you can organize and plan your production schedule better.
Shorter Repair Time
Through specialization and improved efficiency, this shorter repair time will translate into better turn-around time for your machines.
Value for Money
You will get better value for money through lower repair cost and avoid costly purchases of replacement boards from OEMs.
We offer 3 months’ warranty on all parts and labour associated with each repair job. This will put your mind at ease. All our refurbish boards are individually identify and tag with a SR# Number. Example: SR# 400001

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